Top Food & Drink PRs UK

Aiming to be recognised among the top food & drink PRs UK since forming in 2001, Sauce Communications is constantly evolving its services to deliver a complete communications package to its clients. Much more than simply offering some of the best restaurant PR in the UK, Sauce now boasts marketing, social media and profile management expertise. After over fifteen years in operation and countless more years represented in the experience of its 30-strong team, Sauce PR is an agency which has earned the respect of the best in the industry, enabling it to make a real difference to the profile of its clients.

As only a leading UK restaurant PR can do, Sauce works to secure coverage for its clients in national newspapers, legendary magazines, the hottest new websites and TV slots. If you want to reach that particular radio show, find a fantastic food brand to collaborate with or strategically fill your restaurant with the right customers and companies for your brand, one of the top food and drink PRs in the UK can make it happen. Sauce spends countless hours every day building relationships which open doors for its clients, making it one of the best UK restaurant PRs in the business.

With the likes of Michael Caines, Jason Atherton, Anne-Sophie Pic, Theo Randall, Massimo Bottura and Francesco Mazzei on their books, Sauce is without doubt one of the top Food and drink PRs UK.