We take our burgers pretty seriously here at Sauce. London’s biggest food trend of recent times- the gourmet burger- has led rise to such great choice in restaurants, whether you prefer yours with wagyu, loaded with mac and cheese, or a clean and simple classic, there is a LOT of choice on Mr Hyde’s National Burger Day. We’ve picked out our favourites- go get your 20% off!

Tommi’s Burger Joint


A King’s Road institution, Tommi’s burgers are classics.


lil' BRGs

The lil’ BRGs from STK- a slider that sets the ranks high.

Tom’s Kitchen


Tom’s Kitchen Canary Wharf presents a classic, all British burger.

Big Easy

CH4dnL1WIAA9LJzThe Smokehouse burger, a Big Easy favourite. Get yours in Covent Garden.

Salt Yard

_MG_3270LO RES

Go for a stylish burger at Salt Yard- taking the humble burger to truly gourmet levels.

Dirty Bones

Bob Marley Burger 1 - LR.jpg

Enjoy a Dirty Bones special- The Bob Marley Burger. A Chicken Jerk Burger, inspired by the Notting Hill Carnival!