This week has been all about Wimbledon – a British food lover’s haven… however this Foodie Friday we are focusing on the gastronomic events of the upcoming ‘extended weekend’: Glastonbury 2013.

Festivals used to be all about the entertainment factor and raw musical talent, now though they are tantalising a separate sense; taste. Glastonbury is the largest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world. Located down in Somerset, it is spread over 900 acres and 6 days with around 135,000 people expected through the gates each morning. This Foodie Friday post shall look at what keeps these revellers and party-goers ticking over… the outstanding variety of cuisine. Cheap or expensive, filling or light, organic or manufactured – they have everything covered.

 So if you aren’t there enjoying the festival scene this weekend but wish you were, then take a look at the London -based ‘Glastronomy’ alternatives… we can always just pretend? Can’t we?

Borough Market

Borough Market is world renowned for its culinary excellence and cultural diversity. In fact – it’s probably the next best thing you can get outside of Glastonbury that will tickle your taste buds in the same inexplicably enticing way.


 As the website describes, if you want to discover ‘tastes, aromas, textures, and colours that only fresh food can offer’ then Borough Market is the perfect hang out destination. The photo above says it all really doesnt it?


Every Glastonbury goer will nearly always have a pieminister… and if they don’t then they will see the huge area the stand takes over . It is unmissable. Lucky for us though… they are dotted all over London too!

All pies only contain fresh, free-range, responsibily sourced and natural ingredients. With reciepes including the; ‘wild shroom pie; mushrooms, asparagus, white wine & cream,’ ‘matador pie; tender British beef steak, chorizo, olives, sherry & butter beans’ as well as their new sausage roll selection, these guys are a sure winner on the hunt for true festival grub.

And if you don’t fancy actually leaving the premise of your own home, then follow the link below for their reciepe of the month:

So we have potentially cracked it… after years of wanting to go to Glastonbury, but never succesfully winning the battle with the ticketing office, this small snippet let’s us capture a piece of the culinary excellence and unimagineable variation that is now a central part of the festival scene… all we need now is some live music, a locally brewed cider and a large green field… simple. Yes?