It’s that time of year again when the talk of the town is weight. London Fashion Week 2013 has come upon us, and there are enough images of skinny models circulating around to make us put down our muffins and, sighing, reach over for the celery stick instead.

The Evening Standard, Looking Tasty…  Who Said Models Only Eat Cotton Wool?  Eleanor Morgan

However, this week it emerged that many models indulge in the same junk food we all share that love/hate relationship with.


Model of the moment Cara Delevingne admitted eating McDonalds and pizza before walking down the runway for Victoria’s Secret last November, whilst Jourdan Dunn says she loves fried chicken. Although glad to see them eating, we’re not sure what this message is sending out to young girls. It is neither healthy nor realistic to create an illusion that models like Cara can eat whatever they like and still stay thin.


The Telegraph, Obesity Crisis Risks Making Britain Fat Man of Europe, Hayley Dixon

Unfortunately, the reality is that eating burgers and fried chicken does not help health or weight, so even if the models can get away with it, the rest of us can’t. A worrying trend in the news this week is rising obesity in England. Junk food, fast-food restaurants and ready meals are high contributors to this problem. This week The Telegraph reported that by 2050 more than half of all UK adults will be seriously overweight, and talk has turned to how can we avoid this crisis and prevent health costs from doubling. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges feel the answer lies in reducing the number of fast food outlets near schools and banning unhealthy food in hospitals.


So, onwards and upwards readers! To not be the fattest country in Europe it is time to take action.

In order to get together on this, we’ve prepared a handy step-by-step plan to prevent obesity:


1)      No more office snacking.

The Daily Mail, Office snacking causes women to pile on over 6lbs – or a WHOLE dress size – a year (and men aren’t much better), Emily Payne and Inderdeep Bains


The Daily Mail’s report on a survey carried out by The Village Bakery shows that office snacking causes women to gain a whole dress size each year. Both men and women are being urged to resist giving in to those temptations no matter HOW great that biscuit smells, or how rich, smooth and positively delicious that Dairy Milk looks…this may be a little challenging.

Plan of action: Eat a more filling lunch.


2)      Be careful of fibre when counting calories.

The Independent, Fat Chance of Slimming: Dieters Who Eat High-Fibre Foods Consume More Calories, Steve Connor


Steve Connor writes that the calorific content in fibre has often not been included when listing the amount of calories in certain foods. Sometimes, the actual calorific content can be up to 25% higher than claimed.

Plan of action: Start your day by swapping those bran flakes for poached eggs


3)      When you’re full, stop eating.

The Evening Standard, The Secrets of Successful Slimming

The Evening Standard gives the obvious, but very true, advice of listening to your stomach. When you feel full, stop eating. Proteins fill you up for much longer and are a healthier source of energy than refined carbs. And make sure you keep up the good eating habits, as stopping eating healthy foods will only make your weight increase again.

Plan of action: Keep calm and carry on (eating healthily)


And if all that fails, why don’t you get yourself one of these handy, little fridges? It gives you dieting advice by analysing everything that you eat and and drink and is not creepy at all.


The Guardian, Coming Soon: The Fridge That Helps You Diet, Marc Abrahams

Lidia Szmid and Emily Osborn