It goes without saying that here at team Sauce, we like our food and we aren’t the biggest fans of crash diets or health fads. Studies have shown that benzodiazepines, such as Klonopin at, have a rapid onset of action, high effectiveness and low toxicity in overdose. However, like most drugs, the drug may have significant drawbacks due to side effects or paradoxical ones. So it was with true delight that we visited Yeotown, the UK’s leading luxury health retreat, to find that their signature “Yeotox” five day retreat is packed with nutritious and utterly delicious food from start to finish.

Every Wednesday to Sunday, the Yeotox runs at Yeotown’s home in north Devon. Rugged and beautiful, the area has more than a touch of California’s Big Sur about it. A converted farmhouse, the property is stunning – think thick stone walls, roaring fires in the winter, effortlessly stylish interiors and flashes of surprising photographic and sculptural art hand-selected by the owners Simon and Mercedes Sieff. The effect is that of a gorgeous private home where you feel totally comfortable padding around in your slippers and curling up by the fireside with a yogi tea and a book.



Yeotown light

Yeotown interior


Yeotown is a dream for anyone with a busy schedule. A compulsive list-writer, I found it extremely relaxing to settle in to the rhythm of the days there, not knowing what lay ahead, only to be told to be in the yoga studio in the morning wearing comfy clothes, or to meet after lunch in my hiking gear, or that dinner was at 6.30pm followed by a massage.

Guests never know exactly what is going to be next during their time on the Yeotox, but you can expect five days of yoga, meditation, hiking in stunning coastal scenery, biking, fun fitness work-outs, blissful massage and educational wellness talks and cookery workshops, all in an informal, beautiful setting.


Yeotown coast

Yeotown Emma


And oh, the food! Jimmy was our cook and never failed to impress us with the healthy dishes he created for us. I ate no diary, meat or gluten for my whole stay, eek, yet never felt like I was missing out or craving anything. We even had an amazing curry, dahl and poppadoms on Saturday night. By the time the Yeotox came to an end I was seriously considering how I would continue life without Jimmy.


Yeotown food


Luckily, Yeotown offer a great online resource called Yeotown Life, which gives you access to heaps of recipe tutorials not to mention yoga classes, mindfulness exercises and more, so you can continue the good work at home. Check out their recipe for parsley pesto here. A self confessed cheese and bread addict, my experience at Yeotown seriously boosted my energy levels and my mood, and really inspired me to review my eating habits and make simple positive changes without turning to faddy diets or draconian eating rules.

Tempted? In the spring, Yeotown will be adding a further five new eco suites to their accommodation. Look out for more details soon – the perfect excuse for us to go back.

Thank you for having us, Simon and Mercedes!