After a serious #officedebate about which restaurants were the most Instagrammed in London, we asked our Twitter followers for their help and set out to find the definitive top 10.

We looked into a few different ways we could do this (and we’ll be the first to admit it’s not an exact science), but decided the fairest was to use WorldCam to count the total number of Instagram photos ‘tagged’ to a location in the last week.

We checked as many restaurants as we could, from Michelin star establishments down to the busiest McDonald’s.

Without further ado, we give you London’s most Instagrammed restaurants…


10. Balthazar 

(69 photos)


Image courtesy of @enpopulermekanlar


 9. Big Easy in Chelsea

(70 photos)

big easy

Image courtesy of @wonderkai


8. Bob Bob Ricard

(79 photos)

Bob bob ricard

Image courtesy of @Itzior_andreu


7. Shake Shack

(81 photos)

Shake Shack

Image courtesy of @woobahn


6. Dinner by Heston

(83 photos)


Image courtesy of @xinyilim6


5. Aqua Shard

(103 photos)


Image courtesy of @lindashanll


4. Sushisamba

(105 photos)


Image courtesy of @brockers14


3. Burger & Lobster on Dean Street

(212 photos)


Image courtesy of @avcribeiro


2. Duck & Waffle in Heron Tower

(218 photos)


Image courtesy of @wendyoan


1. Sketch

(229 photos – that’s 1 photo every 16 minutes they’re open!)


Image courtesy of @marcpierrephoto


Here’s what we learned:

1) Restaurants in tall buildings make for great photo opps

2) French fries and meat = food porn

3) It’s all about the bathroom #selfie


/If you think there’s one we missed or would like us to check, please drop us a note in the comments or on Twitter @SauceComms


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