Yeotown is an award-winning UK health retreat based in rural North Devon, one of the most picturesque areas of the UK. The philosophy at Yeotown is simple – that one can achieve a high level of wellbeing, energy and health by taking control of both mind and body.

A tried and tested five day healthy detox and lifestyle programme, the Yeotown experience promises to leave guests stronger in body and clearer in mind, with a renewed sense of commitment to health and wellbeing, and the tools to maintain this balance once their busy lifestyles resume. Yeotown takes a holistic view and their health and fitness programme, the “Yeotox”, is a modern take on a traditional detox holiday focusing on the whole person rather than just the body. The programme has been tailored to improve not only on physical health, but also to re-educate the body and mind to achieve optimum mental and spiritual health which is often overlooked during the traditional military style boot camp.

The creation of highly inspiring husband and wife team, Mercedes Ngoh Sieff and Simon Sieff, Yeotown is the definitive home of wellbeing in the UK. A far cry from harsh boot camps and fad diets, the ‘rustic luxury’ retreat is run by a friendly team of down-to-earth, highly knowledgeable experts, in a naturally beautiful coastal location only two hours from London.