Walk Japan

Walk Japan is the pioneer of off-the-beaten-track walking holidays in Japan. Established in 1992 by two Hong Kong University academics, Professor Dick Irving and Dr Tom Stanley, who originally set out running study trips to Japan for their students of Japanese history and social geography, Walk Japan offers truly authentic tours to discover the real Japan, its people, society and culture.

By harnessing years of in-depth knowledge and on-the-ground experience, Walk Japan ensures its tours unveil the true essence of Japan, something that often remains inaccessible for most visitors.  The company runs a variety of walking tours around the country, including the innovative and best-selling Nakasendo Way tour, a fascinating eleven day trip from Kyoto to Tokyo. Walk Japan’s very first walking tour, the Nakasendo Way provides an intimate experience of Japan, exploring one of the country’s ancient highways, beginning in Kyoto, an ancient capital and cultural epicentre of Japan, following some of the best preserved parts of the old road carved deep into the mountains, ending in modern day Tokyo.

Other no less fascinating tours include the Snow Country Trek, a seven day snowshoeing tour in Japan’s snow country, from Tokyo to Nagano, and Yaeyama: Okinama Voyage, a seven day walking and kayaking adventure around a group of islands at the further southern reaches of both the stunning Okinawa chain of islands and Japan itself.