The Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam

The Conservatorium Hotel is Amsterdam’s leading luxury lifestyle hotel, evoking glamour and elegance for sophisticated, design-literate travellers. Located in Museum Square, the luxury centre and cultural heart of the city, the Conservatorium is an architectural masterpiece that combines a landmark heritage building with a graceful , contemporary design, offering guests a selection of restaurants, a bar, lounge and the 1,000 sq m Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre. 

Taiko is the hotel’s Chef Executive, Schilo Van Coevorden’s hotly awaited new Asian-inspired restaurant in Amsterdam. For some time Schilo’s Asian-inspired tapas at Tunes Bar have been wowing international guests and locals alike. A chef at the height of his creativity, Schilo is not content simply to seduce. Beauty, flavour, aroma and texture are the instruments he uses to enchant every sense. And now he has refined and expanded his hugely popular concept, taking it out of the bar into the hotel’s leading restaurant.

With its chic décor and shimmering ambiance, is Tunes Bar an elegant yet casual haven in which to enjoy special champagnes, exclusive cocktails, surprising Gin & Tonics and super tasty Asian Tapas served with pairing Sake.