Savernake Knives

Savernake Knives bring its revolutionary manufacturing design and technology to knife making. Using a combination of precision engineering and dextrous hand finishing, Savernake Knives can make both customised and entirely tailor-made knives in a matter of weeks and is the first company of its kind in the UK.

Directors Laurie Timpson and Philip Shaw conceived the idea and after 3 years of research and development are now using their processes to create truly bespoke knives.

Savernake Knives make precisely tailored sets of knives and one-offs for the home. In addition, they supply Michelin star chefs with bespoke and unique knives, which provide precision, sharpness and durability. The company also keeps everything in house as Shaw says, “We carry out every step of the kitchen knife making process (short of smelting the steel) ourselves. We can maintain excellence and speed and customise knives at the individual level without compromising quality.”

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