Mirabeau en Provence

Sauce Communications is delighted to be working with Mirabeau, the much talked about Brit producer of Provençal rosés. Founded by Jeany and Stephen Cronk, the couple who moved their family to the small village of Cotignac, in the heart of Provence, to fulfil their dream of setting up a boutique wine business. Mirabeau focus on making delicious, dry pink wines which are regarded as some of the very best from the region, while building a brand that people love. Quality is at the heart of the brand who work with some of the best wine-growers in Provence to create their range of award-winning wines. The rosés are now selling in more than 50 markets, have won medals and earned acclaim from some of the world’s toughest wine critics.

For more information, visit: http://www.mirabeauwine.com/