Macellaio RC

Founded by Roberto Costa, there are now four Macellaio RC restaurants across London, all of which focus on using the best Italian produce, cooked simply to allow the natural flavours to shine through. Macellaio translates as ‘butcher’, and all sites uniquely combine restaurant and butcher, with the Fassona beef for which they are renowned dry-aged, proudly displayed and prepared in front of guests. This aging process is key to the ethos of the restaurants, as Roberto strongly believes that the process of maturation develops the authentic Italian flavour of his dishes.

Our meats and produce tell the history of people and their passions; of countrymen working in olive groves, farmers breeding quality livestock, fishermen sailing the high seas, butchers doing justice to the finest cuts of meat. Only in our restaurants can you experience this amazing story – on a plate.

Roberto Costa

The flagship Macellaio RC opened in South Kensington in October 2012, serving Fassona beef, a breed from the region of Piedmont in Italy selected specially for its flavour and texture. The meat is extremely tender as well as extraordinarily low in fat and cholesterol due to the unusual hypertrophic muscle growth in the cows. It works perfectly in slow-cooked ragu, sliced thinly for carpaccio, or left as steak and simply cooked with rock salt and Tuscan extra virgin olive oil.

The second Macellaio RC opened on Exmouth Market in August 2015, where the Fassona beef is served alongside tuna. The restaurant showcases the astounding similarities between tuna and beef, applying the same butchering techniques, and aging the red meat in humidity to bring out its unique flavour and texture. Again, the produce is treated with the upmost respect and cooked simply in order to emphasise the incredible natural flavours.

In November 2016, Macellaio RC opened on Union Street, combining the theatrics of an in-house butcher’s block with the authentic taste of a Ligurian bakery. Pissa, focaccia and tarts join the menu alongside the meat-based dishes that have earned Macellaio RC its name. The doughs are treated with the same deliberate focus on slow preparation, resulting in crispier crusts and more digestible pissa.

The fourth Macellaio RC opened on Northcote Road in July 2017, with a return to the original focus on Fassona beef, with an additional emphasis on wine. The all-Italian wine list curated from Roberta’s own extensive research pays homage to his homeland, highlighting the regional distinctions and complementing the authentic Italian dishes cooked by Executive Chef Matteo Riganelli.

Furthermore, both the Exmouth Market and Union Street sites have recently launched lively new Spritzerias. Perfect for the summer months, they offer guests refreshing classics such as the Aperol Spritz and Negroni, as well as a selection of wines from the Macellaio RC cellar, all to be enjoyed alongside cicchetti-style small plates that celebrate the very best Italian ingredients.

In May 2018, Roberto Costa opened his first international outpost of Macellaio RC in Milan, and the fifth London site launched on Store Street in Bloomsbury in autumn 2018. Alongside Macellaio RC’s legendary charcuterie, tartare and steak dishes, the new Fitzrovia restaurant serves a selection of traditional Italian pizzas with interiors inspired by the site’s previous occupation as the Duke of Bedford’s filling station.

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South Kensington:
84 Old Brompton Road, London SW7 3LQ
0207 589 5834

Exmouth Market:
38 – 40 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QE
020 3696 8220

Union Street:
Arch 24, 229 Union Street, London SE1 0LR
020 3848 0529

Northcote Road:
124 Northcote Rd, Battersea, London SW11 6QU
020 3848 4800

Via Fiori Chiari 32, 20121 Milano (MI), Italia
+39 0236587452

Store Street
6 Store Street, Bloomsbury, London
Opening autumn 2018

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