Sauce Communications is delighted to be representing Funicular, a passionate collective of experience creators from across the spectrum of theatre and storytelling, specialising in creating truly immersive experiences to engage all the senses.

Co-founded by entrepreneur, actor and scriptwriter Craig Wilkinson and production director Ed Borgnis, the Funicular team boasts years of experience bringing events and theatre to life for brands, clients and audiences all over the world.

Wilkinson and Borgnis, wanting to push and entertain audiences further than ever before, partnered with the aim of injecting new life into the immersive dining industry, introducing the very best in production technology and premium food offerings from chefs and culinary personalities, putting the audience at the heart of the action.

Set onboard a glamorous train with lavish furnishings, the brands debut show, ‘The Murdér Express’ will transport guests back in time to the grandeur of the 19th century whilst dining on a menu created by Masterchef finalists Billy and Jack and mixing with a variety of characters as the story of The ‘Murdér Express’ unfolds…

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