Copper Chimney

Pioneers of authentic Indian cuisine, Copper Chimney, is set to make its debut in the London dining scene, with the launch of its first UK-based site in Westfield White City this October. With eleven award-winning outlets across seven cities across India, it is Copper Chimney’s desire to share the local cuisine of India with a global audience. Exceptional hospitality, expertly sourced ingredients and the use of classic Indian culinary techniques are at the heart of Copper Chimney’s ethos.

Since the opening of the first Copper Chimney site in 1972, the brand has aimed to showcase the culinary delights of undivided North India, exploring regions and showcasing cuisines from the historic, spirited city of Delhi to South Asia’s oldest city, Peshawar. Mr J K Kapur, founder of Copper Chimney, opened the first site in the exhilarating heart of Bombay with the intention of sharing the cuisine of his native home near the North West Frontier Province. To this day, the expertly trained chefs at each restaurant use the same cooking methods that were used in the very first Copper Chimney restaurant. The team of chefs at Copper Chimney are passionate about carrying the long, upstanding legacy of Mr J K Kapur and in turn are masters in the intricacies of Indian cookery.

Using an array of handpicked spices sourced from selected farms across India, Copper Chimney’s menu is a love letter to the diverse culinary offering of undivided North India.