Berezutskiy brothers & TWINS Garden // Moscow

Located in Moscow, TWINS GARDEN is the second restaurant by identical twin brothers Sergey and Ivan Berezutskiy, opened in November 2017. Their previous site, TWINS, was ranked 92nd in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, 51-100 list.

Thanks to the brothers’ exceptional yet distinct training, the culmination of their skills has made for a restaurant at the forefront of culinary modernity in Russia. TWINS GARDEN is comprised of a farm, two hours outside of Moscow, the restaurant itself with its panoramic city centre views and a laboratory which can be found in the same building as the restaurant. The brothers’ aim is for TWINS GARDEN to be 80-90% self-sufficient year-round – a completely unique project for Russia.

At the core of the brothers’ offering is a focus on Russian flavours, achieved through a commitment to sourcing seasonal ingredients locally. The brothers aim to create a sense of nostalgia and familiarity in their food which they achieve through innovative techniques. A reliance on seasonal ingredients means that the menu changes regularly – with partial changes at least once a month – making every visit to the restaurant unique.

The brothers have an additional establishment in the heart of Moscow, Wine & Crab; serving nine variations of crab and over 900 options of wine. Again, a truly unique experience in Russia’s growing gastronomic world. They also run TWINS Wine Space at the St. Regis.