Our Clients

We are all creative thinkers in the Sauce Public Relations department. But in the fast-evolving media landscape, that’s not enough. To deliver truly innovative strategy and great results, we bring you a shrewd and dynamic understanding of the media agenda across all timeframes and formats, from blogs and review websites to monthly glossies and daily newspapers. Our media contacts are deep-rooted across the UK and beyond. Quite simply, we know the journalists, bloggers and editors who matter. 

We have worked with most of the great names in the world of food, from global stars such as Ferran Adria, René Redzepi and Wolfgang Puck to home-grown talent such as Jason Atherton, Angela Hartnett and Atul Kochhar. We enjoy long-standing relationships with many of our clients who continue to reap the benefits of our down-to-earth, intelligent and creative approach.

Our talented and highly-trained team look forward to helping with any of the following:

• Launches
• Brand Development
• Consumer Media Relations
• Business Media relations
• Social Media campaigns
• Strategic Partnerships
• Press Trips
• Product Placement
• Media Training
• Web Design
• Marketing and collateral
• Events

Please call Jo Barnes or Nicola Hancock on 020 8600 3600 or email: jo@saucecommunications.com // nicky@saucecommunications.com