By Andoni Luis Aduriz

MUGARITZ named #3 at the San Pellegrino

World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards 2011

Foreword by Thomas Keller and introduction by John Lanchester

Tucked away in the remote hills outside of San Sebastian, in the shade of the Basque Country’s largest oak forest, Mugaritz is an award-winning restaurant with an incredible story.  Head chef Andoni Luis Aduriz finds inspiration where you might least expect it; from the labs of AZTI-Tecnalia, a marine and food technological centre, to the mountains of Peru, or on-stage with the experimental theatre troupe La Fura dels Baus. It is through constant dialogues and collaborations with leading scientists and artists, as well as farmers, that Andoni Aduriz (b.1971) has been able to craft some of the culinary world’s most innovative techniques and dishes.

Andoni is one of Spain’s most talented and innovative chefs. Having trained under Ferran Adrià at elBulli, where he helped inaugurate the creative workshop, he is widely recognized as one of Ferran’s most talented protégées and the chef at the vanguard of Spain’s culinary future.

On 1st May 2012 Phaidon published MUGARITZ: A NATURAL SCIENCE OF COOKING (£35.00). For the first time, readers are invited to go behind-the-scenes of Mugaritz, and delve into the secrets of its surprising cuisine; where rocks and nails reveal themselves to be potatoes and chocolates; a patch of grass becomes a field of herbs, and flowers become the ultimate delicacy.

Opening with a discussion of the restaurant’s origins and an exposé on its varied and unusual suppliers, Andoni moves on in the book to reveal the detailed creative process that lies at the core of Mugaritz. What follows is a revelatory visual feast.

From his archive of recipes developed since 2006, Aduriz and his staff have selected 70 recipes that best represent their interpretation of gastronomy and their ongoing quest to redefine their own expectations. Stunning, life-sized portraits of each dish by photographer José Luis López de Zubiria replicate the exact visual experience of a diner at Mugaritz. Presented at actual portion sizes, each dish comes to life against a stark white plate in these dramatic photographs.

Things are rarely what they seem at Mugaritz.   From trompes-l’oeil dishes such as Edible Stones andVegetable Carpaccio, to poetic abstractions such as Evoking the Work of Richard Serra and cheeky, culinary puns like Shhhhhh … Cat Got Your TongueMUGARITZ: A NATURAL SCIENCE OF COOKING explores the astounding range of recipes and scientific techniques employed by Aduriz to continually challenge his diners.

Accompanying each image are instructional texts that guide the reader through the highly detailed artistic process behind each perfectly composed plate. Each recipe offers carefully calibrated ingredient measurements, a comprehensive explanation of the preparation techniques behind the individual components of the dish and notes on presentation and finishing.

If one statement can sum up Andoni Aduriz and MUGARITZ: A NATURAL SCIENCE OF COOKING, it is to expect the unexpected. Professional chefs, culinary enthusiasts and anyone interested in experiencing avant-garde culture will delight in engaging with a philosophy and a cuisine that challenges their concept of what food can be and asks them to interact with ingredients in ways they might never have previously imagined.

About the Author

  • Andoni opened Mugaritz in March 1998, and spent the next ten years refining the philosophy and dining experience that are now central to the character of the restaurant
  • In 2008, the restaurant was awarded the prestigious Chef’s Choice in the World’s Best Restaurant Awards and entered the rarified club of the “top 5” for the first time
  • In February 2010, Mugaritz suffered a devastating fire that completely destroyed the kitchen. Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of a small group of Japanese chefs, in the wake of the fire, it was fitted with one of the world’s most beautifully designed kitchens, and in 2011, just one year after the fire, Mugaritz triumphed and was named #3 in the World’s Best Restaurant Awards, the restaurant’s highest rank ever. Mugaritz retained its ranking at #3 at the San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Awards 2012.

Publication Information
Title: Mugaritz: A Natural Science of Cooking
Author: Andoni Luis Aduriz
Photographer: José Luis López de Zubiria and Per-Anders Jorgensen
Binding: Hardback
Price: £35.00 / $49.95 US/ $55.00 CAN
Extent: 240 Pages
Illustrations: 150 Colour Illustrations
ISBN: 9 780 7148 6363 4
Pub Date: May 2012