Leon appointed Sauce in 2004 when it was a small company with big ambitions. Our brief was to build brand awareness and help position Leon as a big hitter in the media.  Using the personalities behind Leon (Allegra and Henry), Sauce identified media platforms to tell the story of Leon, thereby bringing the brand to life.  We positioned Allegra and Henry as commentators on relevant issues to the Leon brand, including healthy, ethical and sustainable eating  – we have successfully leveraged Henry’s role in the Sustainable Restaurant Association to generate extensive, positive media profile for Leon.  We identified  relevant awards and speaking opportunities for Henry to speak on relevant issues including the recent Food & Drink Expo where Henry spoke on the panel discussing ‘Prudence over provenance’.

In the seven years Sauce worked with Leon, we used the opening of each new Leon site or other milestone reached – cookbooks, restaurants etc  – as a hook for additional press coverage and achieving huge media exposure for Leon, far beyond the actual scale of the business helping it achieve its objective of ‘owning’ the category of “healthy fast food”.